Frequently Asked Questions

We are located on Antone St, which runs between Northside Drive and Howell Mill Rd.

Antone St. is just about 1/4 mile south of I-75.

Look for Flowering Events! We are in the same space

For weekend events, we typically schedule pickup on Thursday, and return the following Monday.

We are here 8:30-6:00 Monday-Friday.


If you have a mid-week event, check with us for pickup and return times.

There are three ways to select your desired color. The simplest way is to use the remote:

If you don’t see the shade you are looking for, then you can use the menu to select more options:


If you are looking for a specific shade, you can find the color code and match any color:


They are not designed to be used in an environment where there is any moisture. If you decide to use them outdoors, you are doing so at your own risk.

A dry patio or deck should be fine, however in the grass or on the ground could be a problem. At the very least, we would recommend placing the lights on something solid (a piece of wood or ceramic) to avoid picking up moisture from the ground. Of course, never in the rain!

Easy setup and remote control!

Sets up in minutes.

If you can plug in a lamp you can do uplighting!

Plug the light in, use the remote control to select your color, and repeat.

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