We have two types of lights, wired and wireless. The wired are perfect where running power cords is not  a problem (along a wall, etc). Also, the lights can be run as a string (think holiday lights) so you don’t need an outlet or extension cord for each light.

When power cords become an issue such as lighting columns, no ready outlet, etc we suggest using the wireless lights. They come fully charged and a single charge typically lasts 8-12 hours.  Both types operate the same way and provide the same light and functions. 

The wired lights come five lights to a kit, and the wireless come four to a kit.  Each kit includes a remote control that will operate all the lights. 


Below is  a chart to give you an idea for budgeting. These examples are  just to give you an idea. For a better idea on your needs for your space, we suggest visiting the venue with uplighting in mind, and visualize how you would like to use them, what areas you want to emphasize (think behind the sweetheart table at a wedding reception) or where you don’t want to draw attention (service entrance and exit doors into the space). Plan lights in between windows, not in front of them. Emphasize colums, head tables, etc.





Small Spaces or Highlighted Areas Only







Medium Rooms or Impressive Single Wall







Large Rooms or Multiple Spaces