Uplighting Case studies

So here are some case-study photos that might help you decide on your needs. Note, these case studies were professionally installed using wireless uplights.  Be sure to check with your venue to ensure that power cables are allowed.

We’ll start with a very straightforward example. This is the Georgian Ballroom (4,431 square feet) in the Biltmore Ballrooms. We have a room with very easy to identify architectural features for uplighting (the columns and the end wall elements). This room design featured 30 lights. If you’ll notice, we only lit the side of the column facing the room interior. If the client wished to have the columns lit on all four sides, the number of lights would have gone up significantly. Also, we only lit the main inside of the room—not the areas shown to the right and left which were fairly dark when the sun went down.

Here’s another room with 30 lights, but this one is even larger (7,672 square feet), and had many doorways to contend with. The client wanted two different colors incorporated into the space, and special attention to their covered sweetheart table. 30 was definitely the minimum for this space unless only special areas were to be highlighted.

This setup in Heritage Hall in Sandy Springs (less than 3,000 square feet) shows how you can still have significant impact with fewer lighting fixtures. With only 12 fixtures available, we focused the lights on the three walls which did not have windows, and skipped the sections of dark wood. The house lights needed to stay brighter than normal, though, to ensure that there was enough lighting in the room.

Here was another example of using fewer lights (16) at the the Carriage House at Lake Lanier Islands. This open-air space was dominated by a large fireplace. By lighting the surrounding hearth, and focusing the remaining lights on the drape work, we were able to achieve the candlelit-elegance look desired by the client. Note, that the room itself was very dark (by design), helped greatly by the large number of candles throughout the space.

Fernbank Museum is a great example of a stunning location, with soaring ceilings, but very little built-in lighting. We always recommend that you visit your venue in the evening and see how much control you have over the existing lighting when making your decision about hiring additional services. Here we utilized 35 uplights for a great effect. An additional few dozen could easily have been used to fill in the gaps, and fewer than 30 would have left too many dark areas.

Finally, an outdoor gazebo at Cedar Plantation in Acworth. This nighttime outdoor wedding was being held in a beautiful gazebo which had basic twinkle lights and some landscaping fixtures. While you cannot spot them easily, 8 uplights were added inside the gazebo to illuminate the inside, and 4 more were elevated on stands, aimed at the front to highlight the wedding party.